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Hello! My name is Steve Noble and I am the proud owner and founder of Linhof. I am also a husband, father, son and proud tech geek for the past four decades! My interest in technology has been around ever since I was a young boy. Instead of moving on to more “serious” pursuits, I merely doubled down on my love for tech. And with Linhof, I am able to feature new tech products, review my favorite gadgets and give my insight into the best electronics ecommerce sites.

I am very lucky to grow up in the family that I did. We were in a good financial situation most of my life, which meant that my parents were always buying me gifts. And I always wanted the latest tech device. From early gaming consoles such as the N64 to digital camcorders to the first mobile phones, I got to play around with all kinds of gadgets!

As I got into my early 20s, I ventured into a career where I knew that I would always be around the latest technology. I started out in sales, where I worked at retail stores that sold televisions, sound systems, cameras and other gadgets.

When the first computers came out, I could not contain my excitement. I had to get one immediately, learn how to use it and play around with it for hours. I would even open up the computers that I bought, just to see how they worked.

I not only love to use tech, but also see how it works. And I believe such a deep fascination with tech is why Linhof.com is the perfect way for me to channel by passions.

Reviewing Gadgets and Ecommerce Sites

In some ways, I have always been involved in selling or recommending tech gadgets. And now I get to feature and review the most innovative tech devices through my site. I regularly post about the latest gadgets, such as smartphones, video cameras, projectors, televisions, sound systems, smart devices and more.

What makes my site different from the others? My love and passion for technology. In fact, most of the gadgets I blog about are ones that I found interesting enough to buy and use.

Being involved with technology has given me so much in life. It has allowed me to provide for my family. It lets me show my kids how to use the latest gadgets, even if I restrict how often they get to use those devices!

Now I get to feature some of the most innovative products on my blog. It has led me to different parts of the world, as I meet with the people manufacturing these products and the ones selling them!

As a tech geek, I know how tempting the latest gadget can be. And I know the desire to jump on a deal that seems too good to be true on an ecommerce site. By blogging about and reviewing gadgets and detailing my experiences with various electronics ecommerce sites on Linhof, I hope that I can help other enthusiasts navigate this ever changing industry.