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Google Boosts Pixel 3 Camera With AI Features

Google Boosts Pixel 3 Camera With AI Features

While there are faults in Google’s line of Pixel smartphones, the camera has never been one of those downsides. And now the company has gone a step further with the cameras on their new models – the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google is using many software tweaks to use their cameras to the maximum potential. Both the 3 and 3 XL feature 12.2MP rear cameras that have an f/1.8 aperture. The front camera setup is different to previous additions, where dual 8MP front cameras provide better quality selfies.

Group Selfies

Thanks to those two cameras, it is possible to take a wider angle, group selfie using the front camera on the new Pixel devices. There are many instances where reviewers and early phone buyers have shown the difference between a regular selfie and a group selfie. And it easily lets the user add more people into the shot without compromising on quality.

Top Shot

Another handy feature, Top Shot is where the user takes a series of pictures with the camera in quick succession. It is best used when the scene is faster moving, because the AI within the Pixel will then choose the best version of the picture and bring it forward. It is possible for the user to override the decision and choose the one they like the best.

Super Res Zoom

There are other high end smartphones that have more than one camera on the back. These phones are able to use the second camera to provide a much greater zoom. But Google has managed to compete with a single camera.

How is that possible? It is done through software, with a Super Res Zoom that allows for digital tricks to ensure that scenes with a lot of zoom are still crisp and clear on the Pixel 3 phones.

Night Sight

The final exciting feature with the Pixel cameras is Night Sight, which is a mode that uses machine learning to improve the night time pictures that are taken with the phone. And based on the initial results, it is already the best smartphone camera to use at night!