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New York Stops Use of Body Cameras For Police

New York Stops Use of Body Cameras For Police

Police officers in New York City will now stop using the body cameras that had become a common accessory for the police force.

The cameras were intended to help create greater accountability when there is an issue with an interaction between the police and citizens.

However, an incident where a camera smoked up and exploded has prompted a rethink of the policy.

Smoking Camera

An officer noticed that smoke was coming out of the camera that is on their person.

They quickly removed it from their uniform and threw it to the ground, where it eventually exploded. It is likely the result of an overheated battery.

There are around 3,000 cameras that are used within the NYPD that may have the same issue, along with close to 10,000 other models.

But the police will stop wearing the cameras for now, as they want to get to the bottom of what happened.