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Snapchat Launches a New Desktop Camera App

Snapchat Launches a New Desktop Camera App

Snapchat is diving deeper into the desktop market. The social media giant has released a new app that adds new features for users on Mac and Windows devices. And it is now bringing some of its most popular effects to computer users.

Most people associate Snapchat with being on their phones, as it is the primary way that users have been able to use the software. But it has been experimenting with different ways of reaching a computer audience since January.

Snap Camera

The drive from Snapchat is largely due to the fact the company wants to push its AR effects to more users. Many of the AR features that are associated with Snapchat on mobiles can now be used on other services on computers.

It is possible to connect the Snapchat camera with Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, YouTube and other browser-based camera apps.

Whether someone is recording video or they are live chatting with another person, they will be able to use AR face masks and other Snapchat filters in those interactions.

Focus on AR

Even though Snapchat is going through a difficult period, with the company having lost two million users in the past quarter, the company is pushing forward with AR. And the reasoning is that they want more developers to get involved with AR masks and similar camera effects.

No Dedicated Interface

The issue with the Snap Camera is that it does not have its own interface. It is not an issue for those who can connect it to other services or programs. But there is no interface of its own, where users may want to experiment with different effects and take pictures.

And it is an unusual move, as having a dedicated client would have meant people logging into Snapchat to use the camera on their computers. It would have let Snapchat show user growth. But it appears the company does not want to go in that direction just yet.