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Start Here

Welcome to Linhof!

I am so happy that you have found your way onto Linhof! It is the one place where you can get all the latest information about the electronics ecommerce sector. If you love tech and how it is sold online, you have come to the right place.

Learn About

Founded and run by me, Steve Noble, is a site dedicated to providing tech enthusiasts and businesses with the latest information about the most innovative electronics gadgets. Whether you are hoping to learn about the latest camcorders, televisions, projectors or any other device, my goal is to make Linhof your one stop resource.

Having spent my entire life being obsessed with technology, I feel so lucky to have grown up in an environment where every year brought a new technological advancement. From mobile phones to computers to the internet, I watched it all happen. And I always knew that technology is what I was passionate about.


Linhof wouldn’t be possible without the great team of writers we have on board. Every day, our writers build relationships with industry influencers and experts to bring you the latest news and content surrounding the Tech world. I have to give my team a big round of applause.

Meet the team 🙂

Discover The Best New Devices

The beauty of technology is that a new device is always around the corner. But it can be difficult to sift through all the noise and identify the gadgets that are worth your time and money. At Linhof, I aim to make it easier for you by focusing on the top products that are being sold on ecommerce sites around the world.

I always wanted this site to be on the cutting edge of new technology. Whenever I see a new listing for a product that looks interesting, I want to showcase it on the site. Whether it is a new type of camera, a smartphone with unique features, or an incredible sounding Bluetooth speaker system, you can learn about it at Linhof!

Reviews You Can Trust

While I do not have any reviews of every major electronics device that comes out, I do plan on pushing some out in the future. Some of the devices are high end, such as smartphones, video cameras and televisions. But I also focus on budget technology, as I’m sure you like discovering the best bargains too!

Rating Top Ecommerce Sites

One issue that many tech enthusiasts face is the reliability of ecommerce sites. With so many sites popping up offering the latest products at bargain prices, it can be hard to judge the real deal from a fake. Now you can use Linhof to learn more about the most reputable ecommerce sites.

I routinely review the top electronics ecommerce sites from around the world. I also focus on up and comers that catch my attention. Sometimes I even buy a few products from these new sites, as it allows me to assess their ordering, payment, shipping and customer service operations.

Check back here every so often so you too can be aware of the ecommerce sites that are offering legitimately good deals, along with the ones that probably should be avoided.

Get Involved

My hope is that you get involved with each story. If you have any experience with a product or news story on Linhof leave a comment so we can all learn more!