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Underwater Cameras Allow Southern Ocean Conservation

Underwater Cameras Allow Southern Ocean Conservation

Researchers in Australia are allowing people to look at areas in the Southern Ocean that were previously not visible.

The researchers are using special camera equipment that can function deep underwater. And the result is access to parts of the ocean that most people would have never gotten to witness.

New Discoveries

For instance, the cameras captured a swimming sea cucumber, called the Enypniastes eximia, which rarely goes far above the floor of the ocean. It was filmed near East Antarctica.

There is so much footage that has not been released yet. But the people who are responsible for the project say that it has already led to footage of so many ocean species that we had not seen before.

Ocean Conservation

The idea behind the project is twofold. It is an interesting way to use camera technology, by taking it deep into the ocean and capturing real footage – as life happens in that area where humans rarely venture.

And the second purpose behind the project is to boost ocean conservation. Most experts know the oceans and marine life are in great danger due to excessive pollution and changes in the environment.

There is a hope that being able to see the type of life that is present in the depths of the ocean will raise awareness about the need for conservation.

The leader of the project, Dr. Dirk Welsford, hopes their footage will also help people realize the harm that is already being done to parts of the ocean floor.